A professional ethical relationship is respected with each client and client confidentiality is strictly practiced. Before a session, we will discuss a treatment plan and determine which areas you would like massaged. Depending on your preference and massage treatment, clothing may remain on or be removed to your comfort level.


For a typical full body massage the client completely undresses, however I will respectfully modify any session to accommodate privacy.  Strict draping of genitals and the gluteal cleft will be applied at all times as well as the chest area of women.  Before treatment, please let me know if you have any additional areas that you do not want massaged or undraped or have any other preferences.

During the session, I will be checking in and asking if the pressure is acceptable and that you are comfortable with the temperature when applicable.  At anytime, if you feel uncomfortable , please let me know so I can change my pressure, technique, or stop the treatment. Any kind of sexual behavior is strictly prohibited and will end the session immediately.

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