Here are some of he questions I get asked a lot:

  • Do I have to get undressed completely? You do not have to get undressed at all. I can provide you with a great massage fully clothed. Depending on the area that you need massaged, you may want to get partially undressed, or if you are comfortable, you can get completely undressed. See my policy of dropping for further information.
  • How often should I get a massage? If treating a condition, I recommend getting a massage once or twice a week until we make some real progress. Then as the symptoms are relieved, taper off to once a week or once every other week. For general maintenance, once month is a good and a great preventative to support a healthy lifestyle. Some chronic conditions take time show progress. If your symptoms don’t improve after 6 treatments, its may be good to explore other options. Exercising in conjunction with manual therapy usually helps results.
  • Should I exercise before or after a massage? Light to moderate exercise can be beneficial prior to a massage. Muscles are warmed up and respond well to myofascial release techniques. After a massage, especially deep tissue massage, it’s a good idea to avoid any activity that is strenuous. Muscle fibers that have been stripped and re-aligned should have a day or two to heal.
  • Sorry I didn’t shave. I hear this often. It is actually better if you do not shave right before a massage. Freshly shaved skin may be sensitive to bacteria and some oils or lotions may be an irritant.
  • How is your deep tissue? I will go only as deep as you can handle and as I think is necessary to achieve the results we want. It is not a contest to see how tough you are. I target specific tight bands or adhesions to strip and lengthen the muscle fibers. I usually follow up with stretching and then some resistance exercises to contract the muscles to re-align them.  At anytime if you want me to go deeper, please let me know. I haven’t had anyone complain yet that I couldn’t go deep enough. But I’m sure there may be a time where I may max out. It’s more important not to hurt you or me in the process!