Therapeutic massage is a safe alternative way to manage your pain. Adhesions, trigger points, and muscular scar tissue can cause back pain, sciatica, neck, and shoulder pain. There are many conditions that can improve with therapeutic massage treatments that are focused on your specific needs.

I specialize in a variety of modalities including deep tissue, trigger point, cupping, Gua Sha, facilitated stretching, and muscle energy techniques. These are all offered at no additional charge in your session.

On your first appointment we can discuss your condition, goals you have for mobility, and how massage therapy can help manage your symptoms. Book Now – Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage – Medford Oregon

Please provide any health conditions and the medications you are taking so I can adjust the treatment accordingly. At the end of the session, I may also provide self care ideas to help manage a condition or to improve on your body mechanics.

A series of massage therapy treatments may be needed to improve some conditions and monthly treatments may be suitable for regular maintenance. Everyone heals and responds to massage differently and having a two way communication with your therapist is very important for your safety and to achieve the best results.

Therapeutic Massage is used to provide pain relief, increase mobility, and assistance with recovery from exercise or injuries.  Overuse, stress, and other health conditions can make your muscles fatigued. Posture and compensation patterns can increase muscle dysfunctions and escalate symptoms further. Depending on your condition and goals, a variety of techniques can be used to help alleviate and prevent this from happening. Muscle tension, restrictions, and adhesions are released and reset to ease pain, release metabolic waste, break up scar tissue, and increase range of motion.


Medical Massage

As with Therapeutic Massage, various massage techniques can be used to help reduce pain and symptoms for a specific diagnosis. If your doctor has prescribed massage therapy to help manage your condition, please bring in the prescription and I will develop a treatment plan.