Why Am I Sore After A Massage?

I Need A Massage After My Massage!

Being sore after massage, especially after deep tissue or trigger point massage is fairly common and should only last a couple of days. The soreness is similar to after a good workout. Massage promotes circulation of blood and lymph and as pressure is applied to muscle fibers, metabolic wastes are released. A feeling of dizziness, fatigue, and possibly headaches may occur. Drinking plenty of water will help symptoms.

shutterstock_199262555If symptoms last more than a few days, please contact your massage therapist or doctor if needed.

The amount of pressure during massage may be adjusted at anytime and should be communicated with your therapist. If your symptoms after a massage are too intense for you, a lighter pressure or technique may be needed with your next treatment.

Possible Symptoms After Massage Include:


• Pain or Soreness
• Fatigue
• Headache
• Flu like symptoms
• Diarrhea
• Sleepiness
• Inflammation
• Bruising


Bruising should not occur, however it may in some cases or if you are taking blood thinners.