Therapeutic Massage in Medford, Oregon

Michelle Pitman, LMT #023385 NPI #1316590094

711 East Main Street, Suite #16  Medford, Oregon 97504 (541) 286-8431

Open Monday thru Saturday 9am to 6pm

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60 Minute Massage – $80

90 Minute Massage – $115

“She understood my problem better than I did – she found the source of a knot that had creeped all over my back and loosened it. She also explained what she was doing and how to take care of myself. Great massage. I can move today.”

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“Let’s start with some background information. I’ve only ever had one massage before Michelle. It was light handed and no stretching. It was not what I would have considered a massage. Michelle gave me the type of massage that met my long lasting expectations of what a great massage would be.”

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Specializing in Deep Tissue Massage and Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Looking for a massage to relieve pain? I specialize in Therapeutic Massage to help alleviate and manage painful symptoms and improve mobility. I provide Deep Tissue, Cupping, Trigger Point, Sports, Prenatal, and Swedish Massage. I assess and target specific muscles that are causing you pain or postural misalignment. Untreated, injured muscle fibers can cause further dysfunction in more than one area, or becomes a chronic issue. As I work to unravel the tension, I can go into the deeper layers and release myofascial adhesions and trigger points to provide you the pain relief and increased range of motion that you’re looking for.


“My husband and I both had amazing massages with Michelle. My neck and one of my shoulders were really bothering me, but they’re better today. We will definitely be back!”

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“Simply fantabulous experience i cant wait to do again and again. My back is fused with spinal cord stimulator implanted. As well as ive systemic Lupus with a mix of several autoimmune illnesses. Michelle has helped tremendously with my hope of going off methotrexate shots. She and her gift are a blessing”

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