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We are Michelle Pitman and Tabitha Sandu, Licensed Massage Therapists in the state of Oregon. We specialize in goal focus based therapeutic massage to manage pain and increase mobility from injuries.

Poor posture at your desk, using a computer, and texting on your phone can cause a variety of overused and underused muscles. Repetitive movements can cause chronic injuries developing into compensation patterns and muscle disfunction. Massage can help free up adhesions, relieve trigger points, and increase mobility and circulation.

Michelle Pitman accepts Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims, and Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. We also offer treatment packages that are prepaid at a discounted price to help with costs with treatment.

Michelle is a gold mine when it comes to pain relief. She is skilled and knowledgeable in what she does! I appreciated her understanding my problem and how to relieve me of some chronic pain. By far, this was the best massage I have ever had.

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Michelle really listens to your concerns and addresses them with her wide range of knowledge and techniques. She’s also a kind and genuine person, which I appreciate 🙂