Auto Accident P.I.P – Personal Injury Protection Claims

In the state of Oregon, there is mandatory no-fault coverage in your auto insurance policy. It may cover you, your family residing at the same household, and your passengers, regardless of fault, if they are involved in an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) while in a car, riding a bike, or as a pedestrian. This covers up to $15,000 of medical expenses within one year of an auto accident per person. Other benefits may apply, please check your auto insurance policy for details.

Ask your doctor if they recommend Therapeutic Massage and fill out the Auto Insurance P.I.P. Form to have your auto insurance pay for your massage treatments. I can bill your insurance company directly or provide you with receipts for reimbursement.

Before your first appointment, please complete the form listed below and a prescription from your doctor for massage therapy. Massage therapy prescriptions are generally suggested to be 1-2x weekly for six weeks.

Here is a list of some benefits of how Therapeutic Massage can help you after a auto accident injury:

Reduce inflammation: After injury, blood is initially drawn to areas causing swelling to prevent further injury by immobilizing the infected area. Depending on the degree and stage of injury, therapeutic massage can help circulate new blood flow to increase the body’s natural healing process, by pumping in fresh white blood cells for quicker recovery.

Reduce painful symptoms: Injuries can cause muscle fibers to heal misaligned, much like if you break a bone and need to have it reset. Untreated, this can cause painful restrictions and decrease mobility. During the healing process, massage therapy can provide the affected area with fresh blood flow, realign muscle fibers, and reduce adhesions for quicker recovery times.

Decrease Mental Trauma: Any traumatic event may create a fight or flight response and have a systemic affect. Insomnia, fatigue, stress, and depression are some conditions that may follow a traumatic injury. Massage provides a safe place for you to heal both mentally and physically naturally at its own pace.

Medical Massage Treatments that are billed to insurance companies as listed in the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Physician Fee Schedule at $53.63 per 15 minute unit. If payment is prepaid or paid at the time of service, same day payment pricing applies.

If you do not have access print out the form, you can pick up a copy at our office.

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