Medical Massage

Medical Massage is strategically performed to help reduce pain, promote quicker healing time, restore muscle balance, and alleviate symptoms for a specific health condition. This is usually not a relaxing massage and is used to achieve a specific goal.


These goals may include: Improved gate and muscle balance, gain better range of motion, increase flexibility, inhibit weakened muscles, improve healing caused from injuries, and manage postural imbalances.

Health care professionals are referring more patients to massage therapists to manage conditions holistically in hopes to prevent prescribing pain medications or surgical procedures. People of all ages and physical abilities are being more proactive with their preventative health care goals. This increased awareness has people seeking alternative ways to help the body heal and reach their optimum performance naturally.


Massage Therapists can not prescribe or diagnose a condition and it is always recommended to seek the advise of your doctor to find out is massage therapy is right for you.