Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a style that focuses on applying deep pressure to a specific muscle or group of muscles. Muscle pain and dysfunction can be a result of adhesions, trigger points, or injury to the muscle fibers, preventing proper shortening or lengthening of the muscle(s).

Repetitive movements or injury (strains, sprains, or ruptures) to muscles or tendons, can created inflammation and an imbalance of muscular movements. Sometimes causing a domino affect and creating dysfunction in other areas of the body.

This is where a Therapeutic Massage Therapist is trained to customize a treatment plan for your muscle rehabilitation. Recovery time depends on a variety of factors and may include multiple massage treatments, exercise, and limiting certain activities. Some conditions may need to be referred to a health care professional and strength training.

Some things to consider is:

  • Occurrence – When did your symptoms first occur and what happened?
  • Pain – Where is the pain and what movements make symptoms better or worse?
  • Injury or Health condition – Do you have a diagnosis from a physician?

The source of muscular pain may be from an obvious injury or it can develop over time from poor posture or atrophy (loss of muscle tissue).

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